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Foothills Yarn & Fiber Services

Alpaca Fiber and Yarn Store in Hood River, Oregon

Our team at Foothills Yarn & Fiber is proud to offer residents of Hood River with the best options in Alpaca yarn, knitting classes, and crochet lessons. Take advantage of our yarn star, and utilize the most incredible choices in all of your needs. We use the best Alpaca fiber and work with over 30 farmers in the area for the best results.

Each Alpaca is shaved annually, which supplies us with our massive demand of yarn each year. Our process allows us to obtain the highest quality Alpaca fiber, which also happens to be the most durable fibers available. Many of our customers choose Foothills Yarn & Fiber because our Alpaca fiber is water resistant, fire resistant, does not hold static, and is not itchy or irritating like other fibers.

Other services and offer that we provide at Foothills Yarn & Fiber include knitting classes and crochet lessons. These courses are perfect for those looking to refresh their knowledge, as well as for beginners looking to learn. We are a proud yarn supplier that also offers wholesale yarn as well. We are guaranteed to obtain all the best options to meet your specific needs. If you are living in the Hood River area and would like to take advantage of our incredible services at Foothills Yarn & Fiber, speak with us today at (541) 272-3219!

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